Hi, I’m Linn, and I know that sales are about more than numbers. They’re about relationships.

Once you make a connection with someone, they’ll be loyal to your business and sales will flow to you.

You’ll be at the top of their list whenever they’re ready to invest.



It sounds easy, but establishing that kind of relationship can be overwhelming.

Now, I help women create a strong sales strategy so they can build a successful business, make money, and start living a life that they've only dreamed about.

How do I know this?

I've been working in sales for more than 16 years, topping my previous record year after year.



My signature 6-week 1:1 program helps you master your sales skills so you land quality clients & see your numbers grow.


successful in sales intensive

Want to be successful in your SALES CALLS? This 2 +1 hour INTENSIVE is designed after what YOU need!


“It’s rare to come across someone who is so skilled at sales and so thoroughly connected to supporting others in creating success in their own sales process. From her vast years of sales experience and selling over $160M you already know she knows her craft... but what you might not know is that IF you have the opportunity to work with Linn, she will guide, coach and train you to be your ultimate best in sales. She creates a perfect blend of Swedish work ethic and full on “I’ve got your back” motivation and support.”
— Laura Wright, Super Sales Ninja + Your Go-To-Gal for Being EPIC at Sales
“Linn’s knowledge of sales and how to close deals by building solid relationships is unparallelled. If you’re looking to close clients, she’s your woman! She is supportive and really cares about her clients and any woman who is struggling with their sales or is looking to massively improve their conversion rates should work with her.”
— Erika Ashley, transformational coach at Erika Ashley